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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 6, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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you haven't had a banned phrase for a while. >> greg: i have a lot. thinking of banning you. the letter "u." >> dana: for christmas maybe you could give everybody list of banned phrases. >> greg: i will. i thinkly do that. is this banter? >> dana: that's it for "the five." thanks f welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld ors i am known in guam, heather locklear. let's go to tv's andy levy for our pre game report. he is my heather locklear. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story tonight, college students across the country ask their schools to divest from oil, gas and coal stocks in an effort to fight climate change. will the schools listen? if this wasn't a tease i would tell you that no they won't. and did a judge order a dead
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beat father of nine to stop pro cree yaiting? well he did because it would be weird to do a story how a judge didn't ask him to stop. and we send bill schulz to time square to see how they plan to handle the end of the world on december 21st. hopefully they make his world end a few weeks early. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> my tour dates are in for the next bus tour. >> excellent. when? >> before i get to that people are asking how last week went. i put together a quick photo montage from last week on what went on on the bus tour. >> cool. >> i never got their names, but it was a lovely time. >> that's a huge bus. >> it is a massive bus. guess where the bus is going. we teased this last night. i am going to texas.
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i am going to greatvine, texas december 15th. i am going to waco, texas december 16th, shreveport, louisiana 16th. beaumont in woodlands which i believe is in texas. >> beaumont is in texas. >> and that's 17th and going to 10 different bookstores in three days. the more information i get the more i shall share it with everyone but you, andy. i hate you. >> that's okay. i have been to beaumont. it is filled with lovely people. >> i don't know. >> i hope they stab you. >> i hope you get stabbed leaving the studio. i hope i stab you. >> a horrible come back. >> get out of here. >> just horrible. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot bums often surround her to warm their hands, and then she stabs them. sandra smith. and if hilarity was christmas caroling i would do him on my front lawn every december. it is joe devito. he is losing weight. and in finland he is considered a wash cloth, my
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sidekick bill schulz and he is so sharp he is are cked a -- he is are cked a tease. john bolton former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. and his bias shows through in the words he doth spew. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> good use of the word doth. it has come to the attention of the paper of record that some conservative blog which i believe is the term for a bloody log called news busters has attacked the economic credibility. >> allow me to retort. you want a piece of me news busters? you really want a piece of me? well then take the sports section. nobody reads it anyway. ♪ ba h. da h. da pinch. >> they recoil at oil.
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they won't rest until their schools divest. they want to get rid of any oil and gas stocks to fight climate change or at least raise awareness. students interviewed by the new york times say they are taking a page from protesters in the 1980s who pressured schools into divesting from companies that did business with south africa's uh par tied regime. and while two tiny colleges have made moves to digest, -- to divest, large colleges go crimson. they say they have to plans to adjust their portfolio because their job is to maximize the return on investment so they can continue to provide an education to these entitled, stupid, brats. anyway, you know who still hasn't been told about climate change?
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>> it is better he doesn't know. mr. bolton, uh par tied and fossil fuels, they are the same thing, right? >> yes. if they want to disinvest their endowment let them pay higher tuition or let their parents pay higher tuition. why stop there? if you don't like oil and gas companies why not the companies. divest from them too. and let's get to the center of the controversy. it is not just carbon-based fuels these people object to. they are carbon-based life forms. let's get to that next. >> and the life forms they disagree with are the ones they want to divest from. how will they go on spring break? when they are stoned out of their minds how are they going to get the pizza guy to get on his mow ped and come over and deliver the pizza without the use of fossil fuels. i never understand why they call them foss till fuels.
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i didn't know there were a lot of dead things underground, sandra, but then again i never went to school. you are a business person. getting to the question, don't colleges have to run endowments as if they are businesses? >> right. jay if they don't max -- >> if they don't maximize their returns people will stop giving. >> right. which is why they may be better off investing their money and maybe they will choose to and follow the president's investment strategy 1k3* invest in cchs that go to bunk. why didn't they follow the advice of president obama and his administration? well they definitely would be in the hole on that. i do think there would be a lot of huh poke craw see. they were filling up their gas tanks and putting them in the garbage. listen, these schools have to make money. if they don't invest in these companies they will invest in companies that use fossil fuels to the ambassador's point. >> i want to know how many went into your sleeves. >> possibly a few. >> they are shine intoe and delightful. >> and lipstick.
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petroleum is in my lipstick. >> petroleum is in a lot of things and i don't -- i won't mention it. the emergency nurse will find out later. i am taking off my glasses to make a point which makes it hard to read the rest of the question. it makes the students look good about themselves. realistically you can affect change. >> i would like to add your glasses to mine and make the next point. we will put them -- >> yes. >> what these kids should do is be comfortable with fossil fuels because they will be pumping them with their useless degrees. what we need to realize is the university is like a huge upon ponzi scheme. if you want to spend the money to get your degree in -- i should take these off. >> are you getting nauseous. >> the university is just a scam. it is a place where they can go and have protests and live outside the real world. once they leave that, you have to drive places.
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if you want to live in modern society and join these conveniences, we have fossil fuels. nothing else works as well as them. >> many people want fox news to divest itself of you. no question really. >> no, just something for me to ruminate over. with the sidebar being i should go back to college. well i for one is looking forward to the future. according to this table every single college student is not working their way through college. they don't have to. their parents are loaded. thanks, obama. and secondly, i don't see what the big deal is. they are not busy updating their facebook page. they think they are doing something meaningful. en ma of the colleges respectfully declined their request to do this. i thought the only story here was that the endowment for harvard was over $30 billion. not million. billion. >> by the way, they are the ones who declined -- >> they did decline. all of the big ones declined.
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joy never has so much money been wasted on so much dorkery. if we had this money do you realize how much acid we could have bought? it is all microscopes and theorums. >> what would you use the as -- the acid for? >> to burn cars we don't like. >> all right, i don't think it is necessarily correct. just because they feel it is something meaningful that it is meaningful. lots of people in the world demand -- the last people in the world to demand anything are students who owe so much. >> how about they respond by saying we are going into winter reducing our use in the dormitory. >> you are so devious. that's why you should be president of the united states or at least president of "red eye." you are president of "red eye" because i make the decisions here. how is that? >> now fire him! >> this is purely one of the royalty jobs. all right, president of "red eye," from freshmen to fathers
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he can no longer beget until he pays his debt. a wisconsin man who fathered nine children with six women making 54 -- no, that's not right. has been ordered to stop siring until he coughs up the money he owes to the many mothers. the court mandated baby making break is a condition of his three-year probation for bail jumping and failure to pay child support. says the judge, quote, it is too bad the court doesn't have the authority to sterilize -- is that his name, court? common sense dictates you shouldn't have kids you can't you a ford. this is confusing to me. speaking of common sense, does the judge's bailiff agree with the ruling? >> oh my god. >> definitely not on the fence. i am happy for that. joe, here is a one-part question. >> sure. >> i always wanted to do a one-part question. will there come a time when
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forced sterilization is a legal option in cases like these? >> that's a tough call. as a libertarian i don't agree with the principal, but in this specific case, i don't really have a problem with it. >> wow. you are a sick man. >> i don't know what we are going to do. when you say common sense should dictate. if you look you have a culture where you don't suffer any consequences. there is no shame. there is no money you have to pay. lock at the way this guy lived his life. he is in and out of jail. he has a huge rap sheet. and these women have no self-respect. no one is condemning it, so why not go for it? >> it sounds like a great life. >> it is a hour -- it is a horrible life. but we allow it to happen. it is like you said. if there are no barriers to bad behavior, then at least you might have some kind of moral up bringing. >> be careful what you wish for. we don't want the government stepping in and telling us how many people we can have sexual
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relationships with. >> that should be privatized. there is a question on how the judge will enforce this order too. >> my question kind of went there. as the only female at that table, who are these women who think it is a good idea to jump in the sack with this guy? either he is not disclosing how many children he has or the fact that he has absolutely no money -- >> he is gorgeous, sandra. >> look at him. you right now are get willing the vapors -- you right now are getting the vapors just looking at him. give her a fan. >> it takes two to tango as they say in dance class and in other places. how would you have handled this situation if you were the judge? is there anyway to handle this? >> hundreds of years ago people said it was a reform to abolish debtors prison. i think we should rethink that now. here is another alternative to sterilization. jay you know what i was thinking? he should be forced to work a lot. forced so much that you are too exhausted to have sex like 70% of the population. and then all of the money goes
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to his kids, and he does it into his 70s, and then he is no different than anybody else. bill, what is your opinion? do you look at his sad state of affairs and think where are you going to sleep tonight? >> yes, but not for that reason. that's a general question i pose to myself every weekday and weekend. this is not an isolated incident. there was a guy in kentucky who had like 11 kids. >> we did that story. >> there was another one in tennessee. 20 kids. you have the nba, the nfl, new jersey. this is happening across the united states. >> you are stereo typing. >> ins stereo truthing. i am stereo truthing. i think the problem here is the good people at trojan need to go back to the drawing board. thousands of men would rather pay years of child support than to wear their product. >> that is a very good point. how can you not know that these things exist? >> is it that bad that they would rather -- are they
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taking the rib for her pleasure and then putting them inside out? what is going on? >> i am also tired of the phrase dead beat. dead beat dad why not dead beat mom or dead beat kids. from sires to sororities. they turned a stash into something craft. a penn state sorority, is there any other kind, is in trouble after a photo surfaced on-line of its members at a mexican-themed party wearing sombreros. sombreros and ponchos and mustaches. two of the women hold signs that say "will mow lawn for weed and beer" and" i don't cut grass. i smoke it" the picture of them seen here has sparked outrage on campus. actually that's not it. the problem is we couldn't get the picture of this whole thing of them dressed up in their garb with the sign so that's what it is. you can google penn state sir
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error tee and you will get the -- sorority and you will get the picture. do it right now. i will wait. >> all right. i think we have a quote here from a spokesperson. it was up there and now it is gone. while these individuals are within their first amendment rights to straes themselves in this way, we are appalled that they would display this level of insensitivity. the sorority has apologized and they are working on something called educational directive for the students in the photo. but at least one good thing came out of the party, what you just saw there. ponchos and sombreros?
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>> yes, inappropriate. i am so happy you came to me first. i love the opportunity to -- you know, ki omega. >> you are a ki omega? >> no. >> are you going to stab the ki omegas? >> it takes two brain cells to know that this was a bad idea. come on, folks. they were sort of like the rival sorority when i was in one. come on, you noy better. >> joe, are you a comedian. this kind of thing must drive you crazy. i always say generally these things are not racist, they are stupid. but then again i say would you do this in front of a mexican? you probably wouldn't. >> well, first thing i want to say is this is clearly the worst scandal to hit penn state. i just hate to think what it will do to donations.
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>> is it going to affect their sporting program? >> one can only hope. i have to say this, i don't know what kind of people these people complaining hang out with. i don't mow grass, i smoke it. to people i know that is an empowering message to say that. it is like, come on. i thought over the course of my lifetime this would get better. this interaction with the races, it would improve. of course it is a stupid joke. you don't have the right to be free from things that make you feel bad if you choose to feel bad about this. you can look at it and say it is dumb, but no one is there saying and this is the only way mexican people -- it is not to be taken s when ever i see something like this i think of the snl sketch from the first season with chevy chase and richard prior where they do word association where they get into some heavy racial slurs, and you know what it was shocking and hilarious and it was written by paul moon knee who was a guy who loves to take
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chances. that was 40 years ago. now a bunch of rich girls at a college wear is mustaches and we get so upset. >> we have become over sense tiesed, that's for sure. thank you for winding that up into a long saw lil law we. wow. you are not only president of "red eye" but are you considered a sorority expert. >> are parties like this typical of greek life? jay i have never met -- >> i have never met anybody from this sorority. but if they like mustaches maybe -- >> i did not see where he was going. >> actually that's true you are not mexican. they should have called it a mexican party -- a mustache party. >> and a bachelor party. >> i can't wear a sombrero anymore. >> it should have been call the a bolton bash. >> they were working on something called educational directives for the students. to me that might be scare yes, sir than the party. you know it will be weird pc
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madness that will force them to parrot things they don't believe in. >> while hitting them after the class. you know what is really culture insensitive? the very idea of sororities and fraternities themselves. >> that's why i only did two years and got out. >> this greek system that you so love, greek americans should be petitioning outside of your sorority house right now. what would you have us believe? you would have us believe all greek americans run around in togas and drink their face-off and date rape and smoke weed. you guys are disgusting. >> whoa have to take a break on that -- we have to take a break. coming up, what are the keys to international diplomacy? john bolton discusses his new book "i let my mustache do the talking." and first, who is the most overpaid actor in hollywood? i don't know. i am more of a fan of the german art.
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is dr. doolittle make too little? forbes magazine has named eddie murphy the most overpaid star in hollywood. they estimate for every dollar the actor was paid for his last three films they averaged a return of $2 at the box office. the mag says his career collapsed like anything has collapsed. others on forbes list include katherine heigl, reece witherspoon, sandra bullock and curtis armstrong. how is that possible? he is amazing. discuss in this the -- >> lightning rooooo ow uuuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> i have a theory that eddie murphy in movies right now
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will not work until he is 65. they have to let him go away, and then he comes back as a harvey kitle or mick rerork. >> it was like he was abducted by aliens around shrek. it is sad i am using shrek as a cutting p so int. he plays half of the characters so you save a couple of bucks on that. >> that's a good point. he should do serious rolls and regaining the respect. you know, the thing people do when they are in trouble. i'm sure you will support sandra and heigl, your two sorority mates. >> katherine heigl, she is eh. but reece witherspoon, she is highly sought after and a strong actress in hollywood. the eddie murphy thing is he has been around a longtime and does crappy movies, but what list would you rather bow
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on -- rather be on top of? he should be proud of the fact that he is -- >> a great agent. >> he doesn't even have to put out a good movie and he is at the top of the money making list. good for him. >> sandra, you are always smart. ambassador, why pay $12 to see a movie when we can sit in our boxers together eating popcorn? >> i don't go to movies that often so there is a good answer. i think this is very unfair. i think i should be the most overpaid actor in hollywood. i am ready to do whatever it takes for whatever he makes. >> you are now president of "red eye." >> i am on the way. >> that's an achievement. bill, you dated murphy after he did "trading places." did he have any idea at the time that was his peak? >> that is a rumor. these guys are a bunch of jerks. eddie murphy is overrated because of the a, b and c. i do have eddie murphy's number and i can call him up and say you know what, fair game. eddie, what in your mind is overrated and he said female
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prostitutes. >> well othat note, do you have a comment on the show? don't know why he said that. >> i don't know why i did either. >> e-mail us. red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something interesting? go to fox eye. we may use it. still to come, the half time report with andy levy. i will pet this like my little cat. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by draifg dogs. driving dogs. thanks, driving dogs.
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we are back. let's find out if we have got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. joy do you have your -- >> do you have your bus there? >> it is my cat. >> i don't think so. >> it is my cat. >> it is a bus. >> i see a cat. >> i believe you do. >> i do. i see a cat. >> i don't think you are lying. >> i wonder what your cats look like, andy? >> not like that. >> i'm afraid. >> and you will never find out. students pushing for divest meant. ambassador, you said if they don't like endowments, let them pay a higher tuition. okay, i agree. but let me be a little con terror yen.
12:31 am
contrarian, aren't colleges supposed to do things like this? >> from you asking if they are supposed to act in an immature way, then yes, it fits into that. >> all right. >> that's it? >> i just feel like maybe in college you are supposed to do things like this. >> it is a possibility. >> you know by saying this -- >> we will get to that later. >> andy happened to do the same thing once. >> sandra, you agree that colleges need to run their endowments to maximize their return. so morality should play no part in this. >> well, nobody is saying it is immorale to invest in a clean coal company, a clean burning coal company or a domestic energy company. to just attack all of these companies after no research which it appears they didn't do much of is immature and irresponsible. i will stick by that. >> so no climate change whatsoever as far as you are concerned? joy still to this day there is
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not a consensus among scientists . if you ever hear the president of an administration they site a scientist when they are making a point rather than a consensus. joy it is 90% of scientists. >> not really. nice try. >> it is. >> joe, you said -- joe you said -- >> i am going to be dead soon. what do i care? >> those are the words i have been waiting for. >> i know, i know. >> joe, you said universities are just a scam. >> yes, i think so at this point. an over charged product and that's why they are all going to be broke. >> so no one should go to college? >> i think people should learn. i think people should get an education. i don't think an education going to college are really the same thing anymore. >> don't you think you learned things in college aside from what you learned in the classrooms for a lot of people?
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>> i will tell you what i learned. i went to a catholic college for four years. you don't necessarily get laid if you go to college is what i learned. you know how much it cost for that lesson? >> you learned you shouldn't have gone to a catholic college. >> i think you learned a lot, right? >> no. really i didn't. it was a place to finish going through puberty without getting arrested or getting anyone pregnant. >> now your life is great. >> seems that is worth the money, isn't it? >> to keep me from getting someone pregnant, i don't know if you can put a price on that. >> that's what i am saying. >> bill you said most of the universities have denied student request that they divest. do the students have the balls to take the next step as the brave students of the 1980s did when they chained the doors shut on the main classroom building at columbia? >> i don't recall reading many articles about how brave they were. joy they were brave. >> i don't remember reading anything about any student chaining themselves to klum
12:34 am
you. >> not in the 1980s. it was actually in the 1960s. i hate to tell you that. >> i believe there was a personalizing. >> it was also the 1980s. i was there. >> what were they blocking the doors for? >> i remember reading 5* pimply faced freshman locking simms in a room. >> don't recall that happening. those were heady times, my friend. >> that was andy levy's summer of love. that's where he occupied his own wall street. >> i got put on academic probation my first semester at school. off to a good start i was. >> but i'm sure you got groupies out of it. >> no. i honestly -- that experience was sort of what turned me off to liberalism. it was a really good thing. >> he kept those white dreads for quite some time. you can see andy wearing like cargo shorts and a rage against the machine sleeve
12:35 am
less shirt. >> there was no rage against the machine in 1984, greg. >> white dress. >> rage against the machine are johnny come latelies. >> it was wham. >> no, it was public enemy, i believe. and jesse jackson. jesse jackson showed up. >> with a microphone. >> dead beat dad ordered to stop procreating. joe when he asked if there will ever be a time when they will not be stableye -- sterilization. >> how about, i think way should start selling off his organs. i think that's a good way to pay his bills. you get a good price for that. >> i don't think we should force him to. but i think he should start selling off his organs. as a libertarian i think he should voluntarily sell off his organs. >> you got me >> sandra, you asked who these women are who are jumping in the sack with this guy.
12:36 am
i am guessing there is a good chance a guy who doesn't pay child support for nine kids ain't exactly a full disclosure kind of guy. >> agreed. >> strictly conjecture. greg you said he should be forced to work a lot. which actually i think is not a bad idea. >> i come up with good ideas. >> how about he has to run a daycare center for all of his kids? >> they can make a movie about it. >> seriously, let the judge order him to take care of his kids all day. >> and live with them. >> so then the women can go work and earn money. >> that is a better -- that's actually a better idea than the one i had, and i don't say that often. >> i should be a judge. >> you should be a judge. >> i am fairly certain i should be a judge. >> if the guy has not been paying child support for 15 odd years, me thinks he is probably not going to stick around the daycare for very long. >> if that's a condition of his probation if he doesn't do that, you throw him in jail. >> he will run. >> he might. >> he is obviously veril.
12:37 am
he can run far. >> i was talking about the legality of the judge's ruling. in 2001 the wisconsin supreme court upheld a court of appeal decision that said a judge can make not procreating a condition of child support. >> penn state sorority gets in trouble for insensitively stereo typing mexicans. it was funny we didn't have the picture and told people to google penn state sorority. i did and didn't pay attention to the rest of the show. >> the only thing you missed was a kangaroo and dog frolicking. >> that was the message. it is like why can't we all get along? >> absolutely. sandra, you said it takes two brain cells to know this was a bad idea. i agree what they did was gross. it was not a big deal. >> agreed. >> joe, you said jokingly this was the worst scandal to hit penn state. i am thinking it is the best pr the school has had in awhile. >> that's racist.
12:38 am
>> good point. i apologize. eddie murphy tops forbes list of overpaid actors. remember back in 2007 he was actually nominated for an oscar for dream girls. his career was headed back up and then he blew it. >> somebody is admitting they saw dream girls. >> that was a great movie. >> what is it about? >> jennifer hudson makes her big -- she is overweight -- >> i don't care. >> i thought it was a girl version of "inception." >> i thought it was a little unfair. nicholas cage was number six on this list. even if they overpay him, he over acts so it is a wash. it just doesn't seem fair. >> it isn't fair. life isn't fair. >> once again i should be a judge. i know what is not fair. i am going to say goodbye to you and your cat bus. >> bye-bye. i thought he would never leave. coming up, can certain noises help you fall asleep at
12:39 am
night. sandra smith on why she listens to the recorded sounds of children being bullied. first, is the end of the world nye 1234* "red eye" hits the streets to find out what the word nye means. >> any final thoughts, and i do mean final because we are headed there either way.
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is america bettin on armageddon? civilization says we will be obliterated on december 21st. some take it seriously and others roll their eyes at our demise. nasa scientists tell people not to worry about the myan calendar. "red eye" hit the streets to see if the they are ready for the end of days as the stupid scientists aren't. naked party at my place on the 20th, everyone. >> it is the end of the world as we know it, and all of these people feel fine.
12:43 am
let's find out why. >> you are aware of what is happening on december 21st, 2012, yes? >> the myan prediction that the world will end? >> well, i hate to use the word prediction. it is happening. >> i don't think you can predict the end of the world. i am not too much of a believer jie. what part of the myans always being right do you not understand? >> have you been hoarding your goods and bombshelter and lots of unpro -- unprotected sex? >> none of the above. >> i am starting to think you are not taking armageddon seriously enough. >> i like to live on the edge. i think i can handle it. >> here is why i think it can be an asteroid attack. have you seen "deep impact." >> no. >> we had a black president in that movie too. >> buying all kinds of stuff, and then i will give it away before the 21st. >> you are assume thrg is a heaven. anything i can have? >> sure, what do you want? >> oh my god. it is a fetus. no, kidding. how do you think this is going to happen? asteroid?
12:44 am
tsunami? or zombie dinasaurs that will resurrect and eat us all. >> i like the zombie dinasaur. >> i am going asteroid. >> the goriest, bloodiest out going ever. >> how about a t rex? >> no. >> that's a correct answer. >> a louis vuitton bag. >> ding, ding, ding. is it a knockoff in -- bag? no one will know or care. >> just don't go on-line and tell my wife. >> is sounds like that is not for the wife. who is your favorite fox news personality? >> they all are. >> that was very diplomatic. >> imus in the morning. >> the correct sense a neil kavuto for $300. >> i do like him too. >> he is adorable. but the problem with kavuto, he is adorable and it ain't gonna save him. i don't care how much more money he makes, he is still going down.
12:45 am
it is not your world with neil kavudo. nasa has been getting e-mails from people and they are trying to calm them down saying there is no science base to this. who are we supposed to believe? nasa who has been around since 1958 or the myans at least a couple years before that. >> which myan is claiming that? >> he is bob myan on 53rd and eighth and carrying signs for two months. >> have you ever seen "deep impact"? >> no, i think i know what it feels like though. >> this is my kind of girl. what are you doing later? >> nothing. or someone or something. >> we will talk. my number is 917. >> are you aware of what happens on december 21st? >> i love you. you are awesome. >> do you want me to interview you? >> happy hanukkah, happy kwanza. >> celebrate all. >> do your faith and belief
12:46 am
correlate with the great opportunity to get laid? >> it is always a great opportunity. >> not for me. have i been trying all day and this whole thing does not work. >> finally somebody gets it. you know how i know they get it? the 2013 glasses are on rebate for $4.99 each. way to go guys. now i am going in to rob something. >> why do so many people put faith in this ancient calendar? >> i have never understood. i guess they were good at predicting things before, meterological things that are not prophetic, but they knew about the stars. i said it before and i will say it again, they are that the good about predicting the end of the world so many thousands of years in the future if they couldn't predict the spanish were coming to wipe them off the face of the earth i never understood that. >> ambassador we are looking at unrest in the middle east. is this the end of the world? >> look, my family and i for various reasons are planing to
12:47 am
celebrate christmas on december 21st this year anyways. >> i like the way you think. >> sandra, how would you spend your last day on earth, and please say it is with me. >> that's a good question. i would definitely say if i were a single lady and i was out that evening i would definitely dodge all of the guys who want to pick you up. i am thinking nine months after this there will be a boom in the hospital. >> really stupid babies because beam -- it requires that women believe the world is ending. >> they believe part of the make up will be dumb. >> gullible. i think i will just do everything normal. i honestly don't think -- >> so heroin? >> wherever i am i will turn the lights out and just freak everybody out. >> is that how you freak people out by turning off the lights? you are one crazy dame. >> you are out of control. >> watch this, everybody. i am going to go into this
12:48 am
room and i am turning out the lights. >> i want to party with your sorority. >> some guy is reading "readers digest" and he will say, hey, the lights went out. could somebody please turn those lights back on. i don't know what happened. joe, how will you spend your last day on earth, watching the kardashians? sitting in your underwear and weeping? >> december 21st is my mom's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> maybe save a couple bucks and not get a present. >> that's thinking ahead. always aful son sh -- dash always a wonderful son. we are going to take a break, but there is more stuff on the way.
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
i would turn them off at midnight. that's why it would be scary. then the lights would go off. the french government is considering getting rid of homework in elementary and junior high school. the president there says how homework is unfair to children with difficult home situations. critics of the plan argue poor
12:53 am
people want homework because they know the only possibility they have to give their children a better life is for their children to succeed at school. ambassador, i like that criticism. i think that's right. you need homework. it is the only way other people can achieve over people who don't do homework. >> we have seen that he obviously didn't do homework. he wants to raise the tax rate to 75%. pretty soon there won't be anybody in france but he and the kids not doing homework. >> everybody who did their homework will be leaving and those who didn't do their homework will be left behind. do you believe it benefits the poor more so than the wealthy? >> no. i think it is meant to jog the mind and make sure you are retaining the information you take in during the school day. but isn't this what libraries are for? if you don't have an optimal situation at home to do your algebra you go to the library with your lights on? >> that's no prank. >> but come on. they are making excuses for everything now. granted i do hear kids have a lot more homework now.
12:54 am
>> they are french so it doesn't matter. joe, you look like a guy who didn't do his homework. >> certainly not for tonight's show. >> no, you did job. no, you did a great job. >> i think this is very bad. they need critical thinking skills. guests that need to be stacked and boat neck t-shirts that need to be striped. we are looking at a crisis. >> and word problems are amazing and it is always involving mimes traveling. two mimes are leaving. and the wind is going at a negative four knots. how many mimes will end up in the river? >> it is an excellent quote. >> i have no idea what i was saying. that's why i leave it to you to wrap it segment up. >> i hate french homework. i have yet 20 more days until the premiere of
12:55 am
les-miserables. ♪ one more day until revolution ♪ ♪ we will nip it in the bud we will be ready for the schoolboys ♪ smote we will -- ♪ we will wet ourselves with blood ♪ >> i don't think it was the right music. >> it is just enough. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. i am also doing "owe reilly" and a new" red eye" returns with lori roth man. >> time to go back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> how does susan rice like being secretary of state so
12:59 am
far? >> a few more like this and she will go down in history, i think. >> do you think she will be secretary of state? >> you know, i did up until about a week ago, and now i don't think so. i think we are going to be blessed with john carrie for the next -- john karey for the next four years. >> what is the trade? >> it is my segment on the fox business network. it is all day, every hour. tune in during market hours. it is actual trading ideas. tomorrow we will focus on coal , energy, gas and oil companies, all fossil fuel companies. that will be the trade. how to invest. >> would you want to trade for a candle uh bra? >> i don't know. >> let me ask you this -- >> i will do that one next week. >> for someone like me who has no portfolio, is it worth watching? >> absolutely. i will get you engaged. you have lots of cash. we need to put that to work. >> i don't want to be engaged, by the way. >> joe, upcoming gigs?